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A Sure Statement To Order Cannabis Seeds

There are three main types to order marijuana seeds for sale that are available for todays at home marijuana grower each of which have their own pros and cons. The three seed types are regular, feminized, and auto flowering. Each of these three seeds has its pros and cons and it is really up to the grower as to what he wants to seed. The first difference to look into when purchasing marijuana seeds is that each type has different chances to produce a female seed.

Regular seeds are about a 50% chance to give you a female plant, but they are also much less unstable than the other two seed types. Feminized seed types are more likely to produce a female plant for the grower, but a feminized marijuana seed also comes with the chance of becoming a hermaphrodite plant. If properly cared for a feminized plant comes with a 99% chance to produce a female plant, but if its nutrient balances are off that percentage of course changes.

The third and final seed type is the auto flowering and buy marijuana seeds for sale which used to mainly be known as ditch weed. Auto flowering seeds are formerly known as ditch weed due to the fact that they required little to know light change or assistance and can basically grow to maturity on their own. Auto Flowering weed has formerly been the least potent as its THC levels are little to none, but with todays cross breeding techniques these auto flowering seeds have been bred with higher THC levels that are comparable to a normal plant.

When selecting whether you want to order cannabis seeds for sale that is regular or feminized there are a factor. When tested it is shown that regular seeds react faster to flowering light and are able to be harvested on average one week to 10 days sooner than a feminized plant, however those regular marijuana seeds have a 50% chance to produce male plants while feminized seeds will only produce female plants unless in the case of becoming a hermaphrodite.

It is shown that cannabis seeds are more reliable and stout, and will surely produce as long as you give them light, water, and nutrients. Feminized marijuana seeds however are a bit unreliable, and may become damaged by overwatering, and overexposure to light. Auto flowering seeds seem to be becoming the new craze as more and more new strains of auto flowering marijuana seeds come out seemingly every day.

These flowers do not take any special type of light restriction to induce flowering and instead flower naturally and on their own. Auto Flowering seeds are typically shorter than normal seeds and grow much faster than their regular, or feminized counterparts. An auto cannabis seed will typically need to be kept under 18 hours or more of light and have plenty of water in its soil, but other than that it will grow on its own.

With popular strains such as AK-47 now being modified to grow automatically auto flowering seeds have become the choice of most beginners. No matter what marijuana seed you choose to with some water and light you should be able to produce more buds than you could possibly need for yourself. Get Cannabis Seeds from bs. You have read, A Sure Statement To Order Cannabis Seeds.
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